Rat Race Choir

Rat Race Choir 

Posted: 10:49 am Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

By rockywbab

When I was 16 years old, not even a car owner, there I was in the crowd at Cheers or Hammerheads, all which were in walking and later staggering distance from my house. Back then Long Island had some incredible bands. One of my favorite bands was one that didn’t make the national scene like Zebra and Twisted Sister, the were called Rat Race Choir. The guys in this band were different, a lot of the players around the scene could play, but again these guys were different….they played like nobody I had ever seen locally, they were world-class players. The band while they never achieved the fame they should have have, some members who went on to national and international stages. Playing with John Entwitsle, The Robin Zander Band, Rat Race Choir, Annie Haslam, Eddie Jobson, Eddie Kramer, The Tubes, Zebra, CPR, Leslie West, Tony Visconti, Richie Havens, Felix Cavaliere, Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, Maggie Bell, and John Bonham.






This song was on the WBAB Homegrown album, it’s still played in my house on a regular basis.