Robert Fleischman/Journey

Robert Fleischman/Journey 

Posted: 12:28 pm Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

By rockywbab

Years before the world listened the unmistakable voice of Steve Perry, Journey were a hard rocking fusion band, that released albums and toured with only a small success. They were not selling albums and their record company was about to drop them from the label, they needed a change. Enter Robert Fleischman who was a high voiced rock singer, who could keep up with the other bands that were releasing albums at the time. He was introduced to the band and they hit it off and began writing and recording demos, some of those songs were later sung by Steve Perry.

Check out this early version of Wheel in the Sky.

Fleischman admits he was having a hard time connecting with the bands devoted audience, they had a really strong fan base. So, all their fans would get front row seats and start flipping me off every night, but they’d usually come around by the end of the show. But Journeys manager wasnt sold on the singer and began looking around.
Then he heard Steve Perry’s demo tape. That was the end of Robert Fleischman in Journey, and if you listen to this song, it sounds like a Journey song!