Charlie’s Hot Dogs reopens in Islip Terrace 

Posted: 12:51 am Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

By rockywbab

There are have been a lot of Long Island landmarks that have gone away, so when one comes back I think its worth talking about!

The scent of Charlie Summa’s saucy onion topping and the hot dogs it immortalizes are back. Charlie’s Hot Dogs stand has reopened, now in Islip Terrace, after a decade long absence.  On day one, the line at the new serving truck grew “all day long,” said Jeanne Summa-Becvar, the owner and daughter of Charles Summa, a disabled World War II veteran who established the business with his wife, Rosemary, originally via a pushcart, in 1963. Charles Summa died in 1998. Summa-Becvar closed the truck in 2006.


Friends Eating Hotdogs

The hot dog stand is remembered as much for the savory, sweet-spicy onion topping as it is for the franks themselves. The stand first opened in front of the Summa house in Brentwood. It was then permitted on residential land as part of a program specifically for veterans. Long time fans of the stand were asking for it back, so Charlies is back!


Hot dogs

Popular items at Charlie’s are led by the two-or three- hot dog special served on Italian bread, Chili, knishes, and soda also are available. The reborn Charlie’s is open Tuesday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. It’s closed Sunday and Monday. Charlie’s Hot Dog truck now is humming in the commercial parking lot at 16 Lowell Ave in Islip Terrace!