Posted: 10:43 pm Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

By rockywbab

Who remembers the band Angel?


If you read Circus or Creem magazine in the mid 70’s then you know Angel.

The band was discovered by Gene Simmons playing in a club in Washington DC and were signed to Casablanca records, the same label as Kiss. Angel’s image of dressing in all white was a deliberate contrast to Kiss, which wore black. Angel sported an androgynous image and elaborate stage sets. They were slammed by rock critics, and Frank Zappa ridiculed the all-male band’s female appearance in the song “Punky’s Whips”. Angel never achieved mass commercial success but acquired a following as a cult band.

Angel Posed

LOS ANGELES, USA – 1st MARCH: American glam rock band Angel posed in Los Angeles, USA in March 1976. The band line up includes guitarist Punky Meadows, bassist Mickie Jones, singer Frank DiMino, keyboard player Gregg Giuffria and drummer Barry Brandt. (Photo by Fin Costello/Redferns)

How many of you saw Angel? They had looks, plenty of hair, lots of press behind them, they were just missing one thing that Kiss had…..hit songs. They were actually a really good band, one of those bands that almost got there.


(L-R) Punky Meadows, Frank Dimino and Mickie Jones of the American rock band Angel perform on stage in New York c.1976. (Photo by Richard E. Aaron/Redferns)

If you never heard Angel before, check out some of their music.