Station Fire Tribute 

Posted: 1:25 pm Monday, February 20th, 2017

By rockywbab

You have to ask why I am posting and blogging about such a terrible night in the metro area and for rock and roll in general. I will explain, as members of the air staff at whatever radio station we happen to be employed by, part of our job is to bring on bands, sometimes its at a major arena, sometimes in a club. All of the WBAB jocks have been in this position, hundreds if not thousands of times. I was a few weeks ago. How many of you have been in a crowded situation like this at any of Long Islands rock clubs, packed to the gills and having a blast watching a band? This night goes through my mind every single time I am at a packed rock club now.

This post is the story of a guy who was just like me, following his dream being on the radio and a cool perk is to walk onstage and introduce a famous band. This guys name was Mike Gonsalves, or Dr. Metal on the station that sponsored that show. Mike wasnt paid for the event, he was there to do his job, promote the station and see the show and hang out with people who love his station and the band, in this case Great White. Mike was a coworker of a friend of mine from the area, from all description…..he was one of us!

Rhode Island Nightclub Fire Kills At Least 65

A co-worker heard him announce the band and then “all hell’ broke loose. everyone tried to get out, some did, 100 didn’t. What started out as a fun night out at a rock show for the 462 people at the Station, ended as the fourth deadliest nightclub fire in the history of the United States, with 100 people incinerated in just over five minutes.


This blog is a tribute to those who died, including one of our own…a fellow jock.