Mick Jagger Facts

Mick Jagger Facts 

Posted: 2:11 pm Sunday, February 19th, 2017

By rockywbab


UNITED STATES – JUNE 26: MADISON SQUARE GARDEN Photo of ROLLING STONES and Mick JAGGER, with the Rolling Stones, performing live onstage, jumping (Photo by Graham Wiltshire/Redferns)

Did you know that Mick is a skilled ballet dancer? He’s been studying for years.

He has been described as “one of the most popular and influential frontmen in the history of rock & roll”

Photo of Ron WOOD and ROLLING STONES and Mick JAGGER and Ronnie WOOD

UNITED KINGDOM – AUGUST 21: KNEBWORTH Photo of Ron WOOD and ROLLING STONES and Mick JAGGER and Ronnie WOOD, Mick Jagger (jumping) & Ron Wood (Ronnie Wood) performing live onstage (Photo by Graham Wiltshire/Redferns)

Michael Philip Jagger was born into a middle-class family in Dartford, Kent.

Rolling Stones members (L-R) Ron Wood, C

Mick is described as an excellent businessman, he has made many profitable investments and is often looked at for advice on investing by his band mates.

Tourism In The Hamptons USA

Mick has been seen jogging on the beaches of the Hamptons.

Mick And JerryGrandpa/Daddy Mick changes diapers. In fact, he’s quite good at it.  I’ve always changed nappies, for other people’s children as well as my own, You do these things when it’s necessary – although I’m not about to become a full-time house husband but I’m relatively experienced and I quite enjoy it.


Mick Legs ItMick Jagger was always an athlete, having set a record in the half-mile as an elementary school student, before grandly proclaiming that running was a drag.