Doug Sandom

Doug Sandom 

Posted: 12:32 pm Thursday, February 16th, 2017

By rockywbab

Who is Doug Sandom? Rock and Roll is full of stories like this, Doug along with Pete Best, Henry Padavoni (original Police guitarist) and Traci Guns who formed a band with Axl Rose you may have heard of. These men were members of a famous band BEFORE they were famous and left or were fired.

This is the story of Doug Sandom, who was the drummer with members of The Who….all of them.

Doug Sandom, who is 86 years old is an English drummer who was the band’s drummer. This was during the infancy of the band’s music career, while they were playing as The Detours (around mid-1962), Sandom, a bricklayer, joined as their drummer. However, while the other members of the band were in their late teens, Sandom was already in his early thirties, and the difference in age caused problems in the band. His wife also objected to him staying out at all hours of the night.

In February 1964, the band discovered that another band was also called The Detours. On Valentine’s Day 1964, they changed their name to The Who.

When the band secured, but failed, an audition with a record company in early 1964, the label, didn’t like Sandom’s drumming, Pete Townsend, voiced a similar opinion and suggested to the other members of the band, that Sandom leave the band. Sandom gave a month’s notice, and left in April.

Within a month of Sandom’s departure, Keith Moon was hired and the rest is history!. No recordings with Sandom playing with the band were ever released.

On his departure from the group, Sandom said, “I wasn’t so ambitious as the rest of them. But I didn’t get on well with Peter Townshend. I was a few years older than he was, and he thought I should pack it in more or less because of that.


This man sitting at the bar, is Doug Sandom, and this is the way he feels about The Who!