Paul McCartney Instumental Album

Paul McCartney Instumental Album 

Posted: 5:04 pm Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

By rockywbab


Did you know that back in 1971, Paul McCartney recorded an instrumental version of his just-released album  RAM. Made under the name Percy Thrillington, and simply titled Thrillington, the record didn’t see release until six years later.  Nobody knew it was McCartney. And the thing is, he didn’t want them to know and wouldn’t admit that it was his work until two decades later, when he told an interviewer in 1989 that the project was indeed his.

Ram, which was released in May 1971 and credited to Paul and Linda McCartney, included his first post Beatle Number one hit, “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey.” A month after the album came out, McCartney went into the studio with some musicians and vintage-sounding backing singers and, serving as producer, assembled an instrumental version of Ram. Why we don’t know!

The LP was supposed to come out soon after, but the record was shelved as the McCartney’s assembled their new band WINGS. Fast-forward to 1977, when the album was quietly released to little fanfare.


These days, Dangerous Minds notes, original pressings of the Thrillington album can sell for hundreds of dollars online. But you can also find the entire record as part of 2012’s deluxe box-set reissue of Ram.
Here are a few songs so you get the idea!